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Publisher (this edition): Kyoto Hanga-In Kyoto Hanga-In Kyoto Hanga-In Kyoto Hanga-In
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Notes (this edition)
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Japanese Print - Flowers In Bamboo (Autumn) c. 1950's, Oban size (16"x11") full margins

Bakufu Ohno (1888-1976)

This woodblock print is sometimes called "Flower Basket with Quince". It is in very good condition with good colors and very mild toning.

This print is unusual in that the images I've seen online of the same print have had the artist's signature printed in white, coinciding with a hand written signature. There are some variation in the colors used for the flowers, too.

I'm not familiar with this particular artist's work, but I assume that this means that this is not a early edition print. I bought the print in Orlando, FL in 1993. If someone knows and wishes to share - feel free to e-mail me.
Friday, 18 March 2005

Vintage Bakufu Ohno (1888-1976) hand done woodblock print measures 11 X 16.5, including narrow borders.

Superb Floral Print.

Signed by the artist in English as well as in Japanese, along with his square red seals.

Fine Condition.
A fabulous woodblock by the listed artist Bakufu Ohno. The colors are exceptional and more vivid than show in the pictures. It is signed with a seal as shown in the pictures. Paper size is approximately 16 3/8 inches by 11 1/2 inches. There is some creasing from storage in the original folder. Also some foxing ? As seen in the pictures from being stored in the original folder.

This Japanese woodcut print is by the artist B. Ohno. It depicts a beautiful arrangement of flowers. It is in good condition and a full sheet of approx. 11 x 16 inches.
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