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Woman - Bunraku 2

Woman - Bunraku 2
by Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1992)

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Artist: Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1992)
Title: Woman - Bunraku 2
Date 1st edition?Not set
Publisher 1st edition?Not Set
Publisher (this edition)?Not Set
Medium (1st edition): Woodblock
Medium (this edition): Woodblock
Format (1st edition): Not Set
Format (this edition): Not Set
DB artwork code: 31922
Notes (1st edition)?
Notes (this edition)?The following information was taken from the original web listing of this artwork. Often written by non-experts, there may be inaccuracies:

Saito, Kiyoshi- Woman, Bunraku 2.jpg is:

Very nice and clean color woodcut that is hand signed in ink in the image by noted 20th century Japanese master print maker KIYOSHI SAITO (born 1907.) It is also titled in the margin, lower left, in pencil "Bunraku."

This is a nice modern image of a woman (Geisha??) with embossing and a light silver mica ground. I tried to show the embossing and mica with a close up but I’m not sure how well it will view on screen. The embossing consists of 2 diagonal strips about 3/8” wide, one bisecting the grey panel, lower right and one bisecting the white area above it. There is another curved embossed area running roughly vertical in the white area that starts just below the woman’s head. The mica is printed in the background and covers the entire printed area. Nicely framed.

DIMENSIONS: Image is 14 3/4 x 5 1/2" and the frame size is 25 x 15."

CONDITION: The frame and print are in excellent condition. There are 3 extremely faint spots (I really mean faint...you can only see them in certain light): 2 in the right margin and one in the printed area only on the mica) near the image edge to right of the left most grey area. The sheet is full and untrimmed. If I press on the frame back, the paper will ripple indicating the print is not laid down. I am assuming it is tacked at the corners. (It has not been out of the frame since being framed; paper is intact on the back).

The mat is black silk; the frame is black lacquer with a silver strip on the inside. The condition is generally good, with some of the black paint coming off in a thin strip (You can see this along the top of the frame and again at the lower right corner). I would imagine this could be touched in with paint or a magic marker.

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